Protecting African Elephant Families

As a mother holds her child in her arms, cuddling him lovingly, she can tell how small, fragile, and defenseless he is – his little body as well as his innocent mind. The most horrifying thought for a mother is to lose her child, or for her child to be orphaned. Alone, a young child is “left to the wolves”!

Yet, every day elephants are killed in cold blood for their ivory tusks and calves are left in anguish, despair and pain. Like a human being, the survival of an elephant calf is dependent on social contact with the other members of the herd and on its mother for the first 3 to 5 years of its life. A baby elephant needs to learn how to use its trunk, the same as a child needs to learn how to walk. Yet, every year elephants are killed in cold blood just for ivory and calves are left in anguish, despair, and pain.

Your donation to The WellBeing Foundation has a direct impact on the survival of African elephants in the Tsavo province of Kenya. Every penny you donate will directly support anti-poaching ground teams, as well as the recovery of orphaned elephants and their reintegration into the wild herds.

All life is precious. Together we stand to protect all life for the well-being of the world!

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