You Can Make A Difference

Not too long ago, a very young elephant was found wandering around lost in Narok, a town not too far from our farm and now a highly populated area.

She was very thin and close to death from dehydration and scared half to out of her wits.  Fortunately, through the network, The Sheldrick Trust and Kenya Wildlife Service heard about her and now she is now in the tender care of the Sheldrick Trust and has a chance to live, but only with the help of people who understand how to care for these vulnerable babies and the value of these animals to the increasingly fragile ecosystem that sustains all of us human beings.

For the life of these pachyderms and our children’s future world, help us help the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, one of the world’s foremost institutions for the survival of elephants. You can click on the Donate button to help and just spread the word for stopping the purchase of ivory and for greater management of our world’s population.  Thank you so much for caring.

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