Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary

Would you like to feed, bathe, and trim an elephant’s toenails as well as learn about their care? Then
check out Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary in Arkansas. The Elephant Experience Weekend
begins Friday evening with an opportunity to meet the staff and the elephants and learn more about the
sanctuary. Then early Saturday morning participants will feed, water, and bathe all the elephants.
Other activities later in the day include trimming their toenails, walking them, or helping the staff with
research. There are more opportunities to interact with the elephants Sunday morning before an early
afternoon departure.


Riddles Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary provides a secure and permanent home for all species of
elephants. They also educate the public to the importance of maintaining a balance in nature as many
animal species are endangered. This generation may be the last to see elephants if we don’t step up
and do what we can to save them.

Go to www.elephantsanctuary.org and support one of Riddles’ programs. There are also other
sanctuaries in the U.S. and around the world doing what they can to save the elephant population.

Below is a list of a few:

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