we will build a school in kenya


Our projects bring health & wellbeing to areas of the world that need it most.


We are gearing up to build a school in Kenya. Because – as we all know – education is the key to well being and conservation. Stay tuned for more news.


We successfully supported the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. This is the most successful orphan elephant rescue and rehabilitation program in the world.


We built a stone wall to protect the well in Esupetai (because elephants play hard). We also created an overflow trough so wildlife could partake of the bounty.


We built a well in Esupetai. The aquifer we struck has some of the cleanest water in Africa, and will support the surrounding villages for up to 65 more years.

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Fundraiser Progress

Percentage raised versus goal for each project.
100% of current funds will support building a school.

Founded in 2010, The Wellbeing Foundation is a community of caring and committed volunteers. We work together to raise money and put it to use for the benefit of all. When we learned about the Maasai struggle to find drinking water in Esupetai, Kenya, we built a well to sustain them for 65 years. We then turned our attention towards the survival of endangered elephants in the Tsavo National Park of Kenya. Now we are gearing up to build a school in Kenya. Because when the children of Kenya gain a good education, good things happen. Water goes further. Wildlife thrives. Minds grow stronger. Our focus will change with each completed project, but our mission remains the same – to create wellbeing for all. Visit us often and learn how your donation is making the world a better place.

  • We are gearing up to build a school in Kenya.

  • Support the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust by fundraising.

  • Build a wall to protect the well from wildlife (elephants play hard!)

  • Drill a well for access to clean water.

About us

The WellBeing Foundation is a culturally diverse group of friends, living to make a difference.

Alisa Abdullaeva

President & CEO
Alisa is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Counselor. Her passion for helping people is what led to the creation of The Wellbeing Foundation. Now, Alisa and the team are gearing up to build a school in Kenya.

Dr. Ada Frazier-Turner

Chief Operation Officer
Dr. Ada is a Doctor of Dental Surgery-retired; Health & Wellness Coach and Longevity Consultant. She also has a BS in Physics & Chemistry. Dr. Ada is a world traveler, humanitarian & ecologist.

Kiné Corder

Chief Finance Operation
Kiné is a National Certified Counselor and Clinical Hypnotherapist. She is the CEO of Presidential Lifestyle. She is a proud daughter, mother, and grandmother, and she loves helping others find their strengths.

Dayna Hines

Vice President & Director of Economic Development
Dayna is a Fraud Technology Database Engineer. She loves traveling, scuba diving, surfing, running, yoga, and her two awesome pups, Kona and Rusty. Her passion is to create a world where all beings can thrive.

Sorina Cleopatra-Iliescu

Education Director
Sorina is a co-founder of The Wellbeing Foundation. She holds a doctoral degree in education and is a high school teacher. She cherishes contributing to the beauty of our world through her poems, paintings, and volunteer work.

Angie Hensley

Marketing Director
Angie is a loving mother to 3 kids, and 7 grand kids. Somehow, she finds time to work in property management, HUD, tax credit, and low income housing. Her passions are music, dancing, meditation, camping, and helping others.

Darrell Turner

Project Manager
Darrell is a retired Project Management Professional. He has global experience in technical product development in the semiconductor industry, and he currently enjoys nurturing his photography business.

Elena Repina

Social Media Director
Elena is an ethical fashion influencer and activist. She is passionate about justice, ethics, and sustainability. Elena enjoys cooking, writing, reading, and playing the piano.

A.M. Noel

Team Leader
Born in Malaysia. A.M Noel has lived in 5 continents and 15 countries. A Landmark Worldwide graduate, who studied Living and Wisdom. A.M.’s impossible promise is a world that works for everyone with no one and nothing left behind.

Marg Jones

Wildlife Director and Administration
Marg worked and volunteered at two of Australia’s innovative zoos for over a decade. She’s led nine African wildlife safaris and is active in animal ethics in research and animal welfare in Australia and Antarctica.

Gordon Martin

Sponsorship Director
Gordon is the CEO of People, Places & Things, an Experiential Tourism Company based in Newfoundland. Gordon spent many years supporting sustainable development of Water and Sanitation Hygiene Education Projects in Africa.

Matthew Langie

Marketing & Analytics
Matt brings over 20 years experience in B2B software and technology marketing and has led marketing for high-growth, VC-funded startups. Matt earned his (MBA) from the University of Texas at Austin.

Keith Kraft

PR Director
Keith is a Father, Actor and Realtor. His outgoing energy is prevalent in everything he pursues. He seeks to bring this team to the forefront and remain top of mind when it comes to charitable work around the globe.

Kyle F. Bidlack

Kyle is one of the original members of the Wellbeing team and is thrilled to be back. The positive impact this new school will have upon Kenya will be immense. And Kyle stands ready to assist the team in any way he can.

Gathegu Gatungo

Gathegu is a world citizen, mother, wife, activist, wilderness instructor, educator and urban farmer. She believes adults need to teach children how to love nature before we can ask children to protect nature.

Tatyana Repina

Tatyana is a loving wife, mother, Reiki healer and channeler. She is passionate about education and hyper-focused on building a school of happiness and conservation in Kenya. She is committed to a planet with zero waste.

Cristiane Meloto

Cristiane is a financial consultant with over 20 years experience. Her mission is to serve others with integrity and expertise. With passion and perseverance, her goal is to become nothing less than a leader in this market.

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